Tanning / Everyday Oil

Tanning / Everyday Oil


Similan Skin Tanning / Everyday Oil is 100% natural. Unlike most cosmetics, we are a skincare line that puts premium organic ingredients above all else.

Our blended oils come from fruit and seeds that have been carefully hand pick for their type and quality from local organic farms. All ingredients are then first cold pressed and centrifuge extracted in small batches.

We’re vegan friendly, sulfate free, paraben free, pesticide free with absolutely zero artificial chemicals and dyes.

Light and non-greasy, Similan Skin Tanning / Everyday oil is ideal for daily on-the-go use, and as a mineral rich, deep golden tanning oil. 

Bursting with vitamin E, Lauric acid and antioxidants, our oil blend naturally increases collagen production while repairing and rejuvenating any dry or damaged skin.

Completely free of any artificial fragrances, the sun-kissed aroma in our Tanning / Everyday oil is naturally derived, straight from our gorgeous aromatic extra virgin Thai coconuts and black sesame seeds. Ingredients that have all been selected at their nutritional peak for maximum topical absorption.

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