Tanning / Everyday Oil - Duo Bundles

Tanning / Everyday Oil - Duo Bundles


Tanning / Everyday Oil x 2 bottles ( -17% off usual price)


Enjoy our duo bundles because two is better than one!

Share the secret to nourished, healthy and sun kissed skin with your friends and family, or keep both bottles on hand so your never without this new cosmetic must have.

Similan Skin Tanning / Everyday Oil is an ultra body moisturizer.  Once applied your skin will immediately feel soft, silky and nourished.

The vitamins, and nutrients found in our oils will give you a glow that goes deep. What else can this blend do? It boosts collagen production while repairing a dry & damaged skin.

This product also doubles as a premium tanning oil, moisturizing skin to help you get, and keep, that deep sun kissed glow all year long.

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